Communal Merchants

Importers of Passionately Crafted Beverages


THESE raw ciders are made with only natural ingredients, locally sourced herbs and 100% fresh pressed fruits.

Read the article here >> "Along the 101 Freeway, the Cider House rules" from the LA Times

Our ciders CONTAIN ZERO RESIDUAL sugar and no carbs, THE BYPRODUCT OF our natural cider-making process. We start with 100% fresh pressed juice, chock full of naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria that ferment our base cider. To that, we add fresh fruits and herbs for flavour, and then everything is conditioned in the bottle (or keg). Our naturally occurring microbial friends eat up all of the sugar and carbohydrates, leaving you with a tasty BONE DRY cider THAT CONTAINS JUST 80 calories per 8oz serving. All of our nutritional data is routinely tested and confirmed via industry leading laboratories.

In order to preserve the integrity of our natural cider-making ethos, we do not add sulfites or preservatives of any kind. All of our ciders are naturally gluten free and vegan-friendly.


* NOTE - BLACK DOG: please be sure to invert the Black Dog bottles, and shake. This blends up the charcoal, an essential step. Keep in mind that shaking a carbonated beverage is not normal - just let the bottle settle first and open the cap slowly to release pressure. Be sure to do this, it will help you to avoid the "Grey Dog Syndrome"!

24 x 355mL bottles per case for each expression.