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Importers of Passionately Crafted Beverages


BODEGAS MAYADOR, has had a presence with its products in the market since 1939; initially producing and commercializing Natural Cider under the “M. Busto” brand.

Subsequently, it expands its range of products with the incorporation of Sparkling Ciders and Refreshing Beverages under the MAYADOR commercial brand; which rapidly becomes a beverage of choice not only in the national market, but at numerous international markets thanks to its fine quality.

Many years have passed since 1939, but the philosophy of “BODEGAS MAYADOR” continues to be the same one since its first day: a FAMILY OWNED COMPANY which has been able to unify the “tradition” of apple juice extraction and a controlled fermentation of the juice in its cellar with a state of the art bottling facility contributing with DIFFERENTIATION and a SEAL OF QUALITY.

Bodegas Mayador offers Quality, Great Customer Service, Conservation of the Environment, Health, and Security without leaving out the Innovation that will permit continous improvement and expansion of products for current and future markets.



Sidra Natural Asturiana "M. Busto"

"Traditional Cider" produced from Asturian apples selected from sweet, bitter, and acid varieties with subsequent fermentation in chestnut barrels. This traditional sidra delivers the a cloudy golden yellow with no head. The aroma is fresh and fragile with hints of blossoms, lime, zest of lemon, grapefruit and grass. The taste is elegantly sour with a light body. The citrus and lime accents are very present but are well integrated in this very delicate and refreshing drink.

12 x 700mL/per case
6% alc./vol.