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Fattoria Mani di Luna - Il Baratto 2022

Fattoria Mani di Luna - Il Baratto 2022

6 x 750ml
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[ 6 x 750ml ]

Il Baratto Trebbiano Umbria I.G.P. 2022
Vine: Trebbiano Toscano (Procanico) 85%, malvasie, grechetto, riesling 15%

Production area: Municipality of Torgiano (PG), about 200-300 metres above sea level, an ancient cultivation Etruscan area.

Pedoclimatical characteristics:

Subsoil made of sandstones and marl (higher level) and ancient lake and river sediments (lower level), soil made of rough sandy-loam texture, low fertile, with high percentage of limestone and rich in minerals. Very hot and dry vintage.

Vineyard: Vines of 45-50 years old of Vigna Baratto (steep and partially terraced), Yield per hectare: less than 4000 kilograms.

Agronomic practices:

Organic e biodynamic, treated with copper sulphate, sulphur, propolis and wild herbs infusions (horsetail, stinging nettle), green manures with a balanced leguminous content and other extracts, alternating rows, use of biodynamic preparation (500 e 501) twice a year, biodynamic composts, and vegetable wast, if necessary.

Grape harvest: By hand, in 18 kilograms boxes, in September.


Grapes, the whole clusters, are pressed by female feet in a vertical ancient press. Spontaneous fermentation takes places without temperatures control in small stainless steel tanks for about two- three weeks.


Aging for about 6-7 months on fine lees with repeated lees stirring in a small stainless steel tanks. Pouring and bottling in waning moon and fruity days (according with the biodynamic moon calendar), with clear sky (high air pressure). Bottling on next May after the harvest, without filtration and purification. Pause of three months in wine cellar before selling.

Technical data: 12.5 % alcohol, pH 3.34, 10 mg/l SO2 total


Pale yellow colour tenuous and limpid, fruity and delicate fragrances of apple, peach, wildflowers (chamomile), mediterranean aromatic herbs and mineral hydrocarbons perceptible after at least one year of bottling, well balanced taste, fresh, easy to drink.