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Fattoria Mani di Luna - Litro 2021

Fattoria Mani di Luna - Litro 2021

12 x 750ml
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[ 12 x 1 liter ]

Fermented grape juice, simple, straightforward, sincere; everyday table wine. Sangiovese wines interpreted in key of freshness, au- thenticity, without added sulfites. Only grapes! Recalls old memories of vintage farm wine, sold in bulk in demijohns and then bottled in bottles with crown caps for everyday use. Naive, sincere, genuine, wild and a little “naif”.

classification: Sangiovese Umbria I.G.P.

variety: Sangiovese 100%

soil: sandy with presence of silt and clay, limestone (sandstone)

yield per hectare: 60-70 q./ha

harvest period: last week of September

wine making: grapes destemmed by hand and crushed by feet, mac- eration of 6-8 days

fermentation: with indigenous yeasts, at cellar temperature (18-24° C) in concrete tank

ageing: in concrete tanks on fine lees for 8 months, 2 months in bottlebottling:without filtration, during waning moon