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Fattoria Mani di Luna - Il Baratto

Fattoria Mani di Luna - Il Baratto

Umbria White
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[ 6 x 750ml ]

Il Baratto is the name of an ancient vineyard, planted in a hilly area at high inclines with terraced portions exposed to the Southwest. Tenacious vineyard on sandy soil of sandstone, gives birth to a wine characterized more by terroir than by grape variety.

A wine that is both fruity and mineral, with a marked acidity, fine and able to stand the test of time.

classification:Trebbiano Umbria I.G.P.

variety: Trebbiano Toscano (Procanico) 80%, Malvasie 15%, Grechetto and Riesling 5%

soil: sandy, rich in minerals and limestone (sandstone)

vinesplantationyear:1970-1980 Il Baratto vineyard

yield per hectare: 40-50 q./ha

harvest period: last ten days of September

wine making: whole grape clusters crushed by female feet on vertical press

fermentation: with indigenous yeasts, at cellar temperature (18-24° C)

ageing: in steel tanks on fine lees for 6-7 months with repeated batonnage

bottling:without filtration, during waning moon on April or May