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Tenuta Macchiarola - Tippi 2020 - Rosato IGT Salento

Tenuta Macchiarola - Tippi 2020 - Rosato IGT Salento

Puglia Rosato Wine
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[ 6 x 750ml ]

Tippi is Domenico's wife's Nickname. 

In the Vineyard
Spallieara trained with bilateral guyot in 2005 on arillose calcareous soil and sandy calacareous in the countryside of Lizzano (TA)

All the operations are carried out by hand from the dry pruning to the harvest, which takes place in boxes in the early hours of the morning.

In the Cellar
The harvest is highly anticipated with respects to the grapes achieving full maturity and full ripeness.

The grapes are dehulled, softly pressed in a hydraulic press in the absence of sulphates. Fermentation starts spontaneously at a controlled temperature.

The following spring, the must is added to the bottling. The wine re-ferments in the bottle and at the end of fermentation the lees fall to the bottom of the bottle, hence the name of 'colfondo' 'sur lie'.

The refinement in bottle lasts 1 month.

Grapes: Primitivo
Alcohol content: 10%